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              Suzhou Kaitut Automation Co., Ltd.
              Industry SolutionsOur leading technology and broad range of products, solutions and comprehensive lifecycle services are designed to enhance project certainty and operational reliability and help you achieve your benchmark!
              Recommended ProductsCommitted to the field of intelligent equipment manufacturing, become an industry expert, the industry leader. Base on China and serve the whole world.
              News and informationHere, you can get the latest developments of our company and the hottest information of our industry.
              Corporate news
              Industry news
              Into kitout
              Ketut is a professional enterprise that is committed to research
              and development, design, production and sales of automation
              equipment and production lines, and provides customers with
              integrated solutions for intelligent factories.
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              • 2000
                Registered capital 20 million yuan
              • 6000+
                Annual sales exceed 60 million
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